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Successful Case Study | WorldQuant Predictive & Bend

WorldQuant Predictive answers high-value business questions with ready-made, AI-powered predictive solutions. QuantoTM, their intuitive cloud platform, hosts an array of industry-specific solutions. Each solution empowers users to predict outcomes, simulate scenarios, and optimize for results.

David Wiesenfeld
Director of Operations WQP

Bend's outstanding collaboration and ability to quickly find the perfect Senior Front-End Developer for our predictive analytics platform exceeded our expectations. Their exceptional performance led to an extended assignment and the formation of a complete remote development team, saving us valuable time. Their commitment to integrating into our team and fostering a strong culture through intra-office visits and all-hands off-site meetings is commendable. We highly recommend Bend for top-notch development services and a truly caring, collaborative partner.

The challenge

As a startup, WQP successfully developed their predictive analysis backend platform, validating their core value proposition. However, they required Front-End Developers to build the user interface component of their platform. After responding to the immediate requests and due to experiencing rapid growth, the company needed to strengthen their team by adding diverse talent.

The services

To address the need for more technical expertise to support WQP's rapid growth, we’ve implemented a rigorous recruitment and vetting process that evaluates not only hard skills but also soft skills and cultural fit. Our efforts were concentrated on recruiting for Front-End Development, DevOps skills to optimize infrastructure, and Support skills to ensure swift resolution of any issues. The onboarding process for all developers was smooth and seamless. Frequent offline meetings and intra-office travels facilitated the process.


Back end
Python, Django
Front end
ReactJS, GatsbyJS, Styled System
Automation testing

Business Impact

WQP has successfully launched separate projects to meet the pressing demands of their clients, all while developing their standard product offering in parallel. Furthermore, they have recently opened the product platform to their first beta users. The remote development team has achieved strong integration with the WQP team, and both groups continue to collaborate on their shared vision.

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