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Successful Case Study | Maplab & Bend

Maplab reinvents home-to-work commutes to reduce carbon footprint and improve your employees' quality of life. The partner has all in one solution that helps companies: Visualize employee mobility, Simulate the effects of HR policies (Pro-biking, carpooling, working in third place), Define an activate an action plan.

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau
CEO Maplab

Bend’s recruitment services allowed us to find skilled developers, suitable for our projects. The dedicated Talent Partner they provided facilitated efficient collaboration throughout the development process. Overall, the partnership with Bend positively impacted our technical endeavors and delivered a highly-quality product.

The challenge

One of our primary challenge was quickly locating skilled professionals to address Maplab's project requirements and financial restrictions. To meet this needs we efficiently secured both a Senior and a Middle Front-End Developer. These individuals was required to have specialized expertise in the mapping domain and isochrones, witch are uncommon skill sets. We successfully overcame this obstacle by finding the right talent with this unique abilities.

The services

We efficiently recruited skilled developers for Maplab's interactive mapping solution and flagship web application. By allocating a dedicated Talent Partner, we ensured seamless collaboration between our developers and Maplab's team. Our contributions were crucial in the development of highly-ranked data visualization application tailored for enterprise mobility.


Back end
Front end
Front end VueJS, TypeScript,
Targomo API, Google
Automation testing

Business Impact

The chosen team assisted Maplab in creating a data visualization application that secured a position among the top 5 enterprise mobility apps, as recognized by StartUs Insights. This achievement not only boosted Maplab's market reputation but also attracted new clients and partnerships. The high-quality product delivered exceeded the client's expectations, demonstrating how effective communication, adaptability and problem-solving skills can foster successful partnerships and drive significant business impact.

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