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Successful Case Study | SGEvT & Bend

SGEvT is a company that produces geo-decisional information in the field of sustainable territorial development and assessment of developing policies witch is contributed through a SaaS platform called TEREvAL®.

Arnaud André

Bend is a trustworthy and professional partner, always interested in our product's success. Our collaboration began by addressing a shortage of UI/UX developers. They identified a skilled Vue.js developer within two days, who was very skilled, and it became clear to us that we had chosen the right partner. After eight months of successful collaboration, we requested a senior backend Java developer, whom they provided very quickly. An additional factor that proved it was the right decision to work with Bend was when they added a Product Owner to help our clients with refining the backlog and prioritization.

The challenge

Our quick identification of a suitable senior Vue.js developer allowed us to address their initial UI/UX developer needs and begin the collaboration within two weeks. When SGEvT required an additional middle-level UI developer, we guided them through a thorough recruitment process. We also efficiently provided a senior Java Backend Developer, as well as a Quality Assurance and Scrum Manager. We successfully managed these aspects of the project, allowing us to work on complex map visualization solutions and web applications for SGEvT, while maintaining a positive and seamless partnership

The services

We supplied a senior Vue.js developer in just two days and promptly replaced a middle-level UI professional who fell short of expectations within five days. For 3.5 years, we offered top-tier talent, bolstering the team with a Senior Java Developer and a QA/Scrum Manage who refined the backlog and prioritized tasks. Our DevOps expert facilitated smooth development and ensured high-quality releases, all backed by a devoted Talent Partner to facilitate communication.


Back end
Java SE 8, Spring
Front end
VueJS, Quasar, Mapbox GL, Quill, vue-chartjs, Vue I18n, Vuelidate, Vue KeyLines
Automation testing

Business Impact

Throughout our partnership, we successfully developed two crucial applications for SGEvT's key partners, which contributed to increasing their brand visibility. This achievement garnered recognition from their partners and fostered stronger relationships. As a result, SGEvT experienced growth and enhanced its reputation.

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