No CTO in-house? No Problem! The ultimate guide to hire a remote dedicated team

Hiring a remote dedicated team for software development might appear daunting, especially if you don't have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to oversee the process. But with Bend's Talent Partner on your side, you can successfully hire a remote team that fits your project's needs. Here's how Bend's expertise, coupled with essential keywords, can help guide you:

Understand the Tech Landscape

Programming Languages List: Identify the specific languages you need, like JavaScript, Node.js, or Typescript.

Full Stack Developer Skills: Decide if you need a full stack developer who can work on both front-end and back-end development.

Partner with Bend's Talent Partner

Skilled Guidance: Bend's Talent Partner is skilled enough to partially cover the role of a CTO. They can assist in matching tech talents such as JavaScript developers or DevOps engineers and even provide details like JavaScript developer salary.

Choose the Right Remote Solutions

Remote Work Solutions: Bend provides various remote software solutions, including hiring remote developers for web development services or mobile app development frameworks.

Remote Software Engineer Jobs & Remote Jobs Worldwide: Look for dedicated team members that align with your needs.

Scale Up with Bend's Help

Scaling: Bend can assist with scaling your development team as needed. Hiring from a mobile app development company or a software development company like Bend can ensure quality.

Evaluate Potential Candidates

Freelance Developers: You can hire freelance developers with specific skills like React Native or React.js.

Review & Reviews from Customers: Check the reviews and feedback for potential hires, and don't hesitate to ask Bend for verified customer testimonials.

Career & Career Growth: Consider the career goals and potential growth of candidates.

Understand Legal and Compliance

Outsourcing Services & Outsourcing Company: If hiring overseas, be aware of legalities in outsourcing services, ensuring everything is verified and compliant.

Provide Training and Onboarding

Software Development Courses: Offer training if needed, especially in specialized areas like decentralized systems.

Software Development Tools & Web Development Tools: Ensure your team has the right tools for software development life cycle management.

Invest in Continuous Support and Growth

Bell Technical Solutions & Technical Solutions Engineer: Utilize various technical solutions to support your team.

Programming vs. Coding: Understand the difference and the need for each in your project.

Full Stack Engineer: Recognize the importance of having a full stack engineer who is proficient in various programming languages.

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