Bend Advances into the Swedish Tech Market: A Strategic EU Expansion

Strategic Insights and Partnership

"Our aim to provide the EU with exceptional tech talent aligns with creating sustainable jobs in Moldova," Nicolae explains.

Through our engagement with Open Trade Gate Sweden, we've gained crucial market insights and prepared a tailored export plan for the Swedish market, emphasizing our readiness to meet its tech demands.

Mutual Benefits and Expertise Exchange

Bend views Sweden's digital prowess as an opportunity for mutual growth. "Moldova's IT specialists are known for their technical expertise and innovation, making us ideal partners for Sweden's tech community," says Nicolae.

Understanding Sweden's unique business culture and regulatory requirements is essential, and with guidance from Open Trade Gate Sweden and Ultero, we're well-positioned to navigate these challenges.

Explore Our Journey

Discover more about Bend's strategic move into the Swedish market and the potential for Moldova-Sweden tech collaboration on the Kommerskollegium's website. The original article and a video interview with Nicolae Guzun offer deeper insights into our goals and the journey ahead.

Visit Kommerskollegium's website to learn more about how Bend is shaping the future of tech through cross-border collaboration.